by s>c>r>a>p>s



"best of" album from 2006-2009
defines for some, along with a bunch of other bands, the "brisbane underground" from this period.


released January 10, 2011



all rights reserved


s>c>r>a>p>s Toowong, Australia

DIY slow-dance romance, hypno-jog fantasy, top of the pops, granny porn, dick van dork mary ploppins, listen to my tragic tunes do you like it?


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Track Name: hunny bee
love is a very splendid thing, gets you in the back again.
said you should be over when you said "thats right", it cant be is like a merri-go round, shuts you down and rips you off.
Track Name: walking down the street
im walking down the street, i am dancing on my own, i am looking at your feet you are waiting at the park, then we walk down the road, there are people waiting round, like a fat man with a case and two people making out, and i am here to, remind you, that you are great, but i am too, i came all this way, just to tell you, that you are great but i am too.
its tuesday morning, do you remember the time, when i first called you but you were not home, so i was dancing on my own, dancing on my own..
Track Name: i need you
i woke from a dream, oh the dream was of you, does it look like im beggin cause im not going to..
i need you more than you need me and i cant help things if you dont want to see me,
look at these hands, does it look like i wanna hold you baby, hold you so close hold you tonight,
does it look like i wanna break you baby, cause im not, cause im not, im not going to break even here and i cant help things
Track Name: charming girl
i got your letter, but ill probably never read it again, and i bought you a drink, but ill probably never see you again.
ooh, i wish i had someone new, to take my poor mind of you.
Track Name: lemon pop!
i cant believe you walked away when i was standing at your front door, we're not syncing uh uh, your face is fucking pretty here's your stuff back i cant take it anymore. its so sour but delicious its my lemon pop, come on all you lezza's lets turn it up, its so sticky but nutritious its my lemon pop, come on all ya lezza's lets dance till we drop. suck it up! im a fuckin strong woman 0431759128, this is my number. Love or hate on the academy this is my lemon pop, ok dance, washing dishes for the misses this is my lemon pop, and dont stop romping in the hallways to delicious lemon pop, feral cats turn to tigers when your on my lollipop lollipop.
Track Name: love letter
when i see your face, i dont know, what i thought the fuss was exactly about, your a hearbreaker, and i can see it from here your still playing the same games, like art schools so cool, but you're just preying on the young, but i dont really care anymore, i just go about my daily buisness like stamp, post.
i got a love letter, its from her, yes its real, you wont believe it she loves me she loves me not.
Track Name: cave
what is so unnatural, to want to do this? cave
maybe i should cave.
Track Name: suddenly yr in my heart
sometimes youve been in my heart, its something that we shouldnt start, tenderly your in my arms and suddenly you blow me away.